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Help with the FAN.Shop

Here you will find help, answers and information to all questions about our FAN.Shop

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us using the FAN.Shop contact form.

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FAN.Shop textile care

Washing and drying clothes appropriately is an essential part of clothing care. In order to enjoy our textiles for a long time, you should definitely follow the care symbols on the label in the clothing.


  • Heavily soiled items should be soaked in lukewarm water before washing.

  • Zippers, Velcro fasteners and buttons must be closed before washing.

  • Avoid washing textiles with protruding edges or open Velcro fasteners.

  • Separate textiles by color before washing.

  • Always turn printed or finished items inside out before washing.


  • Please note the washing information on the label in the item.

  • Use suitable detergent.

  • Avoid using fabric softener, as this can get stuck in the fibers and impair textile functions such as moisture regulation or cause elastane threads to become brittle.

  • Avoid overfilling the washing machine and spinning it vigorously.


  • After washing, pull the textiles into shape.

  • Always dry clothes inside out in the dryer if they are suitable for tumble drying according to the care label.

  • Do not tumble dry functional clothing and refined goods.

  • As a general rule, do not iron applications and prints.

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